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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best science-based principles and procedures in the field of behavior analysis in the hopes of them reaching their maximum potential and achieving their highest level of independence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer individualized programming that aims to decrease problem behaviors while increasing appropriate replacement behaviors needed to complete everyday tasks, develop social and communication skills and overall increase skills that are important to everyday life. In addition, SPB will offer family support (and other provider-related support) to better generalize and
maximize the essential skills needed to function in typical everyday settings. In addition, families are able to be more involved and actively participate in the child’s and/or individual's success. We conducted our ABA programs with our child’s everyday environment. This includes programming within the home, daycare, school, and the community.

Our Ethos

Shaping Positive Behavior is and will always be client-centered. We truly desire to see each client thrive at what they do, and we are not willing to settle for anything short of the absolute best possible outcome for each client. We will also choose to believe in the client’s ability to learn, rather than focus on the barriers and limitations that come from any disability. No two individuals are the same, therefore no two programs will be the same. Our services are based on your child’s needs.


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- Helen Keller

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