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What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is a scientific and evidence-based treatment that used principles and procedures to decrease problem behaviors and increase positive behaviors. ABA is a scientifically validated approach to understanding behaviors and how it is affected by the environment. At Shaping Positive Behaviors, we provide a play-based model of ABA intervention, utilizing positive behavior interventions, and naturalistic teaching. We also provide other interventions of Applied Behavior Analysis

Social Skills 

Supervised Learning Lab

Are you concerned that your child may have social and/or communication deficits?

At Shaping Positive Behaviors, we have a social skills curriculum that helps with social deficits.  Many children and adolescence need additional help in learning how to act in different types of social situations. Our Social Skills groups are dedicated to working on skills that can help enhance participation in group settings.


The scientific teaching methods of Applied Behavior Analysis are utilized to effectively teach social skills within our social skills groups as well as peer play dates. The central goal of our social skills group is to pair other children with fun, reinforcing activities so that other children become more reinforcing and social interaction becomes more enjoyable, thus encouraging further appropriate social interaction and friendships.


Each child’s therapist accompanies them to the social skills group.

This may not be the school year you had planned, but we are here to make it easier for you by providing structured, supervised support when your child needs it.


We are here to meet your child’s needs with our Supervised Learning Lab.

Our teachers will assist children face-to-face with their virtual learning work assigned to them by their local school district.


Teachers in our Learning Lab are available to support your child’s virtual learning requirements. Students are required to bring a device from home to complete assignments for school, or we will provide a device if they do not have one.


Our Learning Lab has highly- qualified, state-certified teachers who will provide individualized and group instruction.

Parent Training and Coaching

Academic Tutoring

At Shaping Positive Behaviors, we are designed to have parents/caregivers be an integral part of the treatment team from initial assessment through discharge and beyond.


We engage in parent training and coaching so parents can learn how to employ the skills to develop routines and reinforcements in the home, community, and other environments. 


We believe in consistent communication across providers and families and will provide daily progress reports about each child's day, peer interaction(s), one-to-one feedback, and more.


At Shaping Positive Behaviors, we understand the unique responsibilities.


That’s why we offer the parents of children receiving Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, an opportunity to partake in our parent training programs.


By providing tools and strategies, our programs empower parents and allow their children, our students the opportunity to thrive in their own environment.

At Shaping Positive Behaviors,  we have licensed teachers on staff to address any academic deficiencies.


We specialize in all subjects from Pre-Kindergarten to High School. The instruction is individualized for each student based on his/her specific learning needs and challenges.


We have tutored students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, IEP, and 504 plans.


Shaping Positive Behavior has a one-on-one approach to learning that has been statistically proven to be effective in improving reading and math skills for students with learning disabilities.


You and your child are your child’s best advocates and know your child’s strengths, needs, and goals.


We encourage self-advocacy and you will always have a say in the support we provide your child.


We will work together to create the right educational framework to help your child succeed. 

School Consultation and Support 

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Advocacy & Consulting

At Shaping Positive Behaviors, we can provide trained behavior professionals to work with your child's school team to ensure continuity of care.


Shaping Positive Behaviors delivers consultation support to schools, classrooms, and student teams.


This consultation support includes focused training to school personnel, classroom team members, and instructional assistants in specific areas of need, classroom coaching, program development, and intermittent team meetings to facilitate program development, implementation, and progress monitoring.

We can assist with building behavior plans and provide training on implementation. 

The staff at Shaping Positive Behaviors are available to attend IEP meetings with the parents and caregivers of our current clients in order to ensure goals and services are appropriate and in the child’s best interest.


IEP Advocacy and Consulting includes:

  • Phone and email consulting to discuss your questions and concerns as you navigate the special education process for your child,

  • empowering you as the parent(s) to be your own advocate through expert advice,

  • Explanation of paperwork and "IEP jargon & acronyms",

  • Review of your child's IEP and reports to determine areas to maximize what your child is getting out of his/her IEP,

  • writing letters to your school to help you obtain what your child needs,

  • Attending the IEP meetings with you as your IEP advocate,

  • Following up to ensure all your addressed concerns were accurately documented in the paperwork to ensure carryover from staff to staff who receive your child's IEP.

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